Laughing Buddha ( Barneys Farm )

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Cannabis Cup 2003

Its long flowering period develops an intense spacey high with a distinct powerfully sweet and spicy aroma.

Grows fast and stretches during flowering and may need pruning or bending. The finished plant develops large heavy colas dripping with sativa trichromes.

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Sensible seed
laughing buddha
8,15 €
11,00 €

seeds man
laughing buddha
8,40 €
14,00 €


Tipo Feminizada
Genotipo 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
THC Alto
Porcentage THC 22%
CBD Bajo
Porcentaje CBD 2%
Tiempo de Floración 70 - 75 Days
Genetics Thai x Jamaican
Cultivo Interior & Exterior
Fotoperíodo Normal
Rendimiento en interior 600 gr/m2
Tamaño en exterior 110 cm
Efecto Energetic Sativa high
Uso médico Hipertensión

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