Panama Haze ( Ace Seeds )

In Ace Seeds quest for the best 'Haze x sativa' hybrid, it was clear that strengthen the best american sativa Haze traits. In 2008 they released a Haze x Panama limited edition which given the demand, they have decided to recreate. To create panama haze, they have pollinated their best incensey plants with their F10 Panama elite. The result is an outstanding vigor, potency and yield, where the lemony, spicy and incense enhanced. Panama's influence is significant in this hybrid, increasing flowering and duration of the effect. Ace Seeds have improved Haze's indoor time without adding indica or skunk genetics.

Variantes Disponibles :

original seeds store
panama haze
14,32 €
9,99 €

Mr Hanf
panama haze
14,99 €
10,80 €

Cannabis Seeds Store
panama haze
14,05 €
12,40 €

seeds man
panama haze
15,00 €
14,00 €


Tipo Feminizada
Genotipo F1 hybrid. Purple Haze and Green Haze x F10 Panama elite.
THC High
Porcentage THC 23%
Climate Caliente
Tiempo de Floración 13-16 weeks
Genetics F1 hybrid. Purple Haze and Green Haze x F10 Panama elite.
Cultivo Interior & Exterior
Fotoperíodo Normal
Efecto Long-lasting, Psychedelic
Resistencia al moho 4/5
Resistencia a enfermedades 4/5
Resistencia al frío 4/5

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