Auto California Kush ( 00seeds )

Auto California Kush from 00 Seeds
People who love California Kush will absolutely adore Auto California Kush from 00 Seeds! When 00 Seeds found they had come up with a winner in California Kush, they thought the only way to improve on it (if possible!) was to speed up the growth cycle " hence " a fast and heavy hitting Kush that harvests in about 70 days from germination to harvest. That’s almost instant gratification - or as close as you’ll get to it when growing weed! These feminised seeds sold at The Original Seeds Store will reach a height of approximately 80 to 100 cm when growing cannabis indoors and when planted outdoors will reach heights up to 120 cm. With a typical Kush flavour and aroma, you will find that this strain has a long lasting effect also typical of classic Kush. Auto California Kush is remarkably stable as far as autoflowering cannabis seeds go, so don’t be afraid to double up on your crop perhaps even an SOG when grown indoors. This strain of weed seeds is definitely a keeper.

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Mr Hanf
auto california kush
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seeds man
auto california kush
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Tipo Feminizada
Genetics Auto Critical x Auto Hindu Kush
Cultivo Interior & Exterior
Fotoperíodo Auto Flowering
Rendimiento en interior 550 gr/m2
Tamaño en exterior 90 - 110 cm
Tamaño en interior 120 - 140 cm
Aroma Kush aroma
Efecto Long-lasting

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