Auto 00 Kush ( 00seeds )

Auto 00 Kush from 00 Seeds
You only need to say ‘Kush’ and all sorts of pleasant thoughts come to mind! As an Indica dominant strain, Auto 00 Kush from 00 Seeds conjures up all those wonderful experiences predominant in Kush grown from feminised marijuana seeds. However, the expectation of pleasure is so much faster! Seed to harvest in 2 months, you will not have to wait long for this mellow strain to harvest. The Original Seeds Store is quite pleased with the lineage of Auto OO Kush, stemming from strains perfected in the Northern California weed belt. Whether growing weed or smoking it, you want to know that the genetics are strong so that you end up with a plant worth your effort. In terms of growing cannabis for a commercial crop, most auto strains will need double or triple the amount of weed seeds being planted due to the smaller size of the plants and of course, smaller yield. Even so, with Auto 00 Kush these marijuana seeds produce a mighty powerful smoke that goes so much farther. You can buy cannabis seeds almost anywhere, but if you want an amazing smoke with little effort, feminised autoflowering seeds like Auto 00 Kush are the way to go. That’s why The Original Seeds Store are happy to have this amazing strain in stock. Get them whilst supplies last.

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Mr Hanf
auto 00 kush
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seeds man
auto 00 kush
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Tipo Feminizada
Genotipo 00 Kush
Genetics OG Kush Auto x OG Kush Auto
Cultivo Interior & Exterior
Fotoperíodo Auto Flowering
Rendimiento en interior 400 gr/m2
Tamaño en exterior 80 - 90 cm
Tamaño en interior 120 - 140 cm
Aroma tic
Sabor Exotic
Efecto Relaxing and mental effects

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